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Quick as the wind

Moscow parks of culture and leisure feature the longest, hardest and most scenic cycling routes to suit every taste.

The biking season continues in Moscow. One can go for a leisurely ride along bike paths or go in for cycling on harder routes in parks supervised by the Moscow Department of Culture. Many park areas offer bike paths, rental bike shops and special parking lots.

The longest cycling route is located in Sokolniki Park. It covers 12 kilometers. Scenic views for a bike ride stretch from the Muzeon Arts Park to Vorobyovy Gory. The length of the route along the Moskva River embankments is five kilometers. The routes in the Olympic Village Park and Mitino landscape park have a lot of descents and ascents. These options are suitable for more experienced bicyclists.

Bike paths in Sokolniki Park run along the parterre: you can ride along the main alley and the big circle, and then along the 1st or the 6th Luchevoi Prosek, along Mitkovsky Proyezd and Poperechny Prosek. In addition, a self-service bike wash is open on Festivalnaya Square of the park during summer season, where bicyclists can wash their bike for free. The area has two rental shops: on the main alley and at the main entrance to the park.

Photo by Yulia Ivanko.

The length of bike paths in Izmailovsky Park is more than four kilometers. The routes pass along the alley of the Big Circle, the alley of Proletarsky Entrance and Narodny Prospekt going by sports grounds, the chess and draught pavilion, Solnechnaya stage, playground, musical pavilion and large Ferris wheel. It has two rental shops: on Severnaya Square of the park and at the entrance from Sokolinaya Gora station. In addition, the park offers 30 parking lots.

Riding a bike in the picturesque Mitino landscape park, you can watch snow-white swans near Penyaginsky Pond and enjoy the views of nature. The park has two rental shops where you can hire a bike or scooter for a ride. The approximate length of the route is about four kilometers.

Quick as the wind: parks to go for a bike ride

The park near the Raduga Ponds offers a ride along the embankment, from the main entrance towards the Bolshoy Grafsky Pond and the boat station. The route around the Bolshoy Grafsky Pond and the Italiansky Pond will be about four kilometers. In warm season, the park is especially beautiful: blooming trees and scented plants will make you feel excited, and a ride will give you a feeling of freshness. You can hire a bike at a rental sports equipment shop. It is located next to the Little Fox children’s club and the mother-and-child room.

Quick as the wind: parks to go for a bike ride

The Fili Park’s bike path starts from the rental shop at the main entrance to the park facing Barklaya Street. The route, 2.5 kilometers long, passes through a young pine forest near the Moskva River. You can admire unique oaks and lindens that are over 150 years old. The park has three rental bike shops: at the main entrance facing Barklaya Street, at the entrance facing Minskaya Street and at the children’s amusement area. Bike parking is located near the mother-and-child room next to the main stage, near the cafe in the beach area and near the Usadba cafe on the shore of the Naryshkinsky Pond.

Photo by Yulia Ivanko.

The cycling route in the Olympic Village Park is three kilometers long. It starts at the main entrance to the park from Lobachevskogo Street. This is a loop route ending either at the entrance to the park from Michurinsky Prospekt, or at the corner entrance (43 Koshtoyantsa Street). On the way, you can admire the decorative ponds with bridges over them. There is a noticeable change in elevation in a number of areas along the route. The park’s main alley has a rental bike shop. Bike parking is located at the volleyball court, in the main alley, near the entrance to the park from the side of the Olympic Village-80 sports center and at the entrance from the philharmonic.

Quick as the wind: parks to go for a bike ride

50-Letiya Oktyabrya Park has a 3.5-kilometer bike path starting from the main entrance to the park from the side of the Prospekt Vernadskogo metro station. The route passes next to the chess house, table tennis court, linden alley and perennial flower garden. You can hire a bike at two rental shops: from the metro’s side and in the park’s central part, next to the Druzhba ice skating rink. The area offers parking facilities at the entrance to the park from the Prospekt Vernadskogo metro station, at the Druzhba ice skating rink, near the monument next to the Partizan Alley of the Moscow Region and near the mother-and-child room in the park’s central part.

The scenic cycling route starts in the Muzeon Arts Park (at the entrance from the 1st Golutvinsky Pereulok) and ends near Vorobyovy Gory Metro Bridge. The five-kilometer route runs along the Krymskaya, Pushkinskaya and Andreyevskaya Embankments (with the opening of the Vorobyovskaya Embankment, the route will be eight kilometers long again). You can hire bikes at two rental shops. In addition, the area has many evenly distributed bike parking lots.

Photo by Maxim Denisov.

The bike path along the embankment of the Severnoye Tushino Park stretches for 3.2 kilometers. It starts on the Aleshkinsky Meadow in the northern part of the park. The waterfront route offers breathtaking views of the port and the building of the Northern River Station on the opposite bank of the Khimki Reservoir. Near the Navy History Museum, the bike path turns to Zakharkovsky Bay and ends at the southern entrance to the park from Khimki Boulevard. Rental shops are located next to the large playground and on the central alley in front of the stairs leading to the embankment. There are bicycle parking lots near the Navy History Museum, the administration building, cafes, and on the embankment.

Quick as the wind: parks to go for a bike ride

The Levoberezhye recreation area features a 1.3-kilometer-long bike path starting at the entrance to the park area from the side of Pribrezhny Proyezd, going down a steep slope to the embankment and then passing along the beach area, sports grounds and children’s playgrounds. Then the route runs along the green area towards Levoberezhnaya Street and goes up to the skate park and the parking lot. The bike parking facilities are located on the central alley along the beach, in the northern part of the park on the side of 5/5 Levoberezhnaya Street, as well as near sun loungers on the banks of the Khimki Reservoir (the nearest entrance to the park is from the side of 1 Pribrezhny Proyezd).

Quick as the wind: parks to go for a bike ride

The Khodynskoye Pole Park route starts at the monument to pilot Mikhail Vodopyanov. Guests can ride along the perimeter of the area. The length of the route will be about three kilometers. Then they can relax in the central promenade with benches to make a bike break, and there is a special parking lot.

Photo by Yevgeny Samarin.

The bike path in Goncharovsky Park is 800 meters long. Riders can stop near the beautiful sculptural composition ‘Family’, then take a ride along the park alleys and gain strength in the summer recreation area. They can park their bikes at a special parking lot located in the gazebo at the entrance to the park from the side of Goncharova Street.

The Luzhkov Park has several bike paths that vary in difficulty and in distance. They pass through the picturesque park areas and allow bicyclists to enjoy the beauty of nature without leaving the park. At the rental point, guests can rent both children’s and adult bikes.

Borisovskye Ponds Park has several bike paths. Riders can take a turn around the ponds (this route is ideal for beginner cyclists) or ride along a harder route through the forest. The route along the river and around the pond will be about seven kilometers. All bike paths of the park pass through picturesque places with unique views of nature. The park provides a rental service. In addition, the park has several bike parking lots where you can leave your bike and relax by the water or take a walk.

The Borisovskiye Prudy recreation area has a bike path about three kilometers long, which is perfect for beginners. It also offers a bike route for more experienced bicyclists through the forest of the park area with descents and ascents. You can leave your bike at the bike parking and go for a walk or take a rest by the water.

The length of the bike paths in the Angarskiye Prudy Park is three kilometers. Bicyclists can ride along the Bolshoi Angarsky Pond looking at beautiful swans and then go to the Maly Angarsky Pond and along the apple orchard. The park has five parking lots: near the table tennis court, near the Domovenok Kuzya cafe, near the boat station and on the other side of the Bolshoi Angarsky Pond next to the genre sculpture ‘Cheburashka and Gena the Crocodile’.

The length of bike paths in Altufyevo Estate is 900 meters. Guests can admire the beauty of the park by riding along specially designated paths along the pond and the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross and along the park paths in the shade of trees.

The bike route in the Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve goes around the palace of Tsar Alexis of Russia. The path will be three kilometers long. Bicyclists can see Dyakovsky Apple Orchard and Golosov Ravine and go by snow-white 16th-century Church of the Beheading of John the Baptist. Visitors can hire a bike in a rental shop near the palace.