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17.мая.23 14:49

Blooming Moscow: in which parks to admire fruit trees, lilacs and tulips

Usually flowering lasts from six to 18 days, but the timing may vary depending on the weather.
14.мая.23 10:31

National cuisine and culinary competitions: what will be interesting about the gastronomic festival at VDNH

Over 40 restaurants will take part in the event. The "Made in Moscow" platform will work for visitors and the presentation of the updated "Gastronomic Guide to VDNH" will take place.
11.мая.23 14:24

Three raccoons in the Moscow Zoo were settled in a new enclosure

Food catchers were installed on top of the aviary to make it more difficult for visitors to feed the animals.
11.мая.23 11:25

The classical method: how the sculptures of the pavilion "Soviet Culture" at VDNH are restored

The restoration of sculptures based on photographs is compared by the team of authors with the work of investigators.
07.мая.23 16:57

The summer cinema "Moskino" in Sokolniki Park will open on May 20

The program will include new rentals, original films, domestic classics, festival films and films from the golden fund of world cinema.
02.мая.23 10:51

Lipa the giraffe in the Moscow Zoo has opened the walking season

The animal leaves a warm room at a stable air temperature above plus 12 degrees. With the onset of stable warm weather, the South African giraffe Lipa has entered its summer territory. This is the so—called African meadow, which is adjacent to the pavilion "Animals of Africa".
29.апр.23 11:48

Sergey Sobyanin, the mayor of Moscow, told about the most popular routes for walking in Moscow

On the "Get to Know Moscow" portal, everyone can take advantage of more than 250 thematic routes in different districts of the city.
25.апр.23 14:45

Culture, architecture, gastronomy: the summer tourist season opens in Moscow

Guests of the capital can see architectural monuments, take a walk in parks, visit museums and theaters, admire the views from a height.
17.апр.23 11:35

Street art professionals are to paint the walls of the capital's cultural institutions

Artists will transform lecture and concert spaces in cultural centers and libraries of the city. The results of their work can be seen this fall.
13.апр.23 12:32

Photo exposition at "Krasnaya Presnya" park

A photo exhibition dedicated to the wards of Moscow charitable organizations has opened in Krasnaya Presnya Park. It will run until May 13.
04.апр.23 10:00

Emperor's crown at the MSU museum

The Imperial Crown became part of the exposition of the Moscow State University History Museum.
01.апр.23 12:00

Rare artifacts at the Cosmonautics Museum

Samples of equipment, layouts and documents. The Cosmonautics Museum will show rare artifacts
06.апр.22 19:28

"Faces of Modernity"

Visitors will be able to see again the legendary works of Golovin, Bogaevsky, Brodsky, Savinov, Botkin and many other masters of the early twentieth century.
06.апр.22 19:26

Diaghilev's World of Art

Sergei Pavlovich Diaghilev is a theatrical and artistic figure, one of the founders of the "World of Art" group, the organizer of the Russian Seasons in Paris and the Diaghilev Russian Ballet troupe.
06.апр.22 09:38

"A moment of dance"

Nina Alovert - winner of Emmy Award, Benois de la Danse and "Soul of Dance"was born in Leningrad, and has been living in New Jersey (USA) since 1977.