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Faster than the wind

Specialized tracks and running routes are perfect for athletes of any age and experience. The paths have different coverage, length and terrain.

Do you want to jog on rubber paths, run on straight tracks or experience special orienteering trails? Moscow parks offer all these opportunities for sports enthusiasts, as they have equipped running tracks to meet every need of Moscow residents and guests. Most of them are available around the clock. The paths are well lit at night, which allows you to do sports at any convenient time.

How to protect joints and strengthen muscles

Rubber running tracks are perfect for children, beginner athletes and those who especially care about the joints. This surface is less rigid than asphalt, and a runner does not experience much stress. In addition, such tracks have a non-slippery surface.

One of the rubber trails is located at the Krasnogvardeyskiye Ponds recreation area next to the Moscow International Business Center. The 1.7-kilometer-long path stretches along the main network of pedestrian areas, from the Middle to the Upper Krasnogvardeisky Pond. Running is convenient and safe at any time of the day, the track is illuminated.

Tagansky Park has a rubber track running around the football field. Its length is 320 meters. The football field borders on the wall of the Intercession Monastery, so while doing sports, you can admire a part of the ancient wall with a gate tower of the 19 th century. The track is available from 06:00 a. m. to 10:00 p. m.

Photo by Yevgeny Samarin.

Khodynskoye Pole park also has rubber tracks running along the perimeter of its central part: along a hill with panoramic swings and a hill with a futuristic mirror labyrinth. The total length of the tracks is 2.4 kilometers. This is one of the most beautiful routes. In the warm season, aromatic sage, mint, bird cherry, jasmine, linden and lilac grow along the trails. In addition, the tracks are located on a hill so athletes can enjoy panoramic views of the park. The tracks are available around the clock.

Raduga Ponds park has a 500-meter running track around a football field located on the side of Veshnyakovskaya Street. Recently, the field and the running area have been reconstructed; the track has been covered with crumb rubber. The park is open around the clock.

Faster than the wind: Moscow parks with equipped running tracks

Do not be afraid of exertion

Asphalt is the hardest but also the most common type of surface for cross-country trails. These tracks are usually very flat, with little elevation change, and are equally well suited for beginners and experienced athletes. Be sure to wear comfortable cushioned running shoes.

The Raduga ponds park features a two-kilometer asphalt track. It starts from the main entrance from Yunosti Street and stretches to the embankment of the Bolshoy Grafsky Pond and the amphitheater area. The route runs along two picturesque ponds: Bolshoi Grafsky and Italiansky. In springtime, you can admire the views of flowering chestnuts, apple trees and cherries. Running in the Raduga Ponds park is available around the clock.

Gorky Park offers many paths and running tracks, boasting three popular routes. The longest one is an asphalt embankment about nine kilometers long. It starts and ends at the School Pavilion of the Muzeon Park of Arts. This route is ideal for beginners as the embankment has no sharp ups and downs. More experienced runners will love the opportunity to take a long run in the fresh air. The second popular track runs through the Neskuchny Garden starting at the Green Theater. The route is on rough terrain with elevation changes. The length of the route is five kilometers. It is perfect for experienced athletes. The third route is designed for orienteering and trail running (running on unpaved surfaces). This special certified track for experienced runners runs through Vorobyovy Gory starting at the Ecology Pavilion. All three routes are available around the clock.


Photo by Yulia Ivanko.

Muscovites can go running in the Krasnaya Presnya park located downtown. It has many scenic alleys, Dutch ponds with islands and arched bridges. Running tracks are located along the entire park: from the main entrance to the embankment. After training, athletes can relax in the gazebo at the Krasnogvardeisky Ponds. You can go running even late at night: the park is open around the clock, the alleys are illuminated.

The Kuzminki Park trails are ideal for cross-country running lovers, and the paved paths in its central part will appeal to novice runners. The Shibaevsky pond features a network of paved park paths, which stretches to the dam between the Upper and Lower Kuzminsky Ponds and passes into Zarechye Street. The length of this one-way route is approximately seven kilometers. Tracks are available at any time of the day.

The Angarskie Prudy park has paved paths with picturesque views of the apple orchard and ponds. They stretch from the boat station along the Bolshoi Angarsky Pond towards the Maly Pond through a skating rink. The park is open from 06:00 a. m. to 11:00 p. m.

Photo by Yevgeny Samarin.

Sokolniki Park has a five-kilometer circular route next to the 6 th Luchevoi Prosek (at the intersection with the Big Circle) perfect for running. It will appeal to those who are used to running on asphalt but want to try cross-country running. The track has dirt sections. The park is open around the clock.

Druzhba Park has a five-kilometer-long running track. The route consists of two circles; they outline the banks of the Festivalny Ponds and the park area. More than a dozen pieces of monumental and decorative art are located in the historical part of the park. The route starts from the 12 th World Festival of Youth and Students sculptural composition (Druzhba) located on Alisa Selezneva Alley. The park is available for walking and jogging around the clock.

Izmailovsky Park occupies a vast territory with 310 hectares of natural forest and a large network of paved and unpaved paths. You can use asphalt paths stretching from each entrance through the park in the central part or gravel paths located in its forest part. Athletes can take many routes for cross-country running. The park is open around the clock; the central paths and alleys are illuminated.

Faster than the wind: Moscow parks with equipped running tracks

The length of the Severnoye Tushino park jogging route is five kilometers. This is a circular route: its first half runs along the embankment of the Khimki Reservoir, and the second (reverse) part runs along the park paths. Joggers there run on tiles, asphalt and small dirt sections. The terrain is mostly flat, but there is a slight elevation change, so beginners should keep it in mind. In the warm season, while jogging, you can admire the views of the Northern River Station and ships moored to the banks of the Khimki Reservoir. In addition, one of the route parts pass through an apple orchard. The park is open around the clock.

Ready for tough trails

Dirt trails are ideal for cross-country runners. The athletes should have some experience to take routes with an elevation change. In addition, runners can slip and get injured after rain. Beginners should choose tracks with granite chips or terraway. This coating is non-slippery and pleasant to jog on due to better cushioning.

Beginners can take the Fili Park route. It passes through forest tracts. The length of the route is five kilometers. It is covered with granite screenings and terraway. The route starts from the main entrance to the park, runs along the main parkway to the scenic Moskva River embankment. The park is open around the clock.

Olympic Village Park running tracks start from the main alley, circling around four picturesque Olympic ponds. The total trail length is four kilometers. Part of the tracks is covered with granite screenings, and another part is covered with terraway.

Photo by Maxim Denisov.

Muscovites can also run in the Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve. One of the routes runs through the historical landscape park around the Lower Tsaritsyno Pond. The length of the route is five kilometers and features several hillier inclines. The tracks are covered with crushed gravel. In addition, dirt paths have been laid throughout the Tsaritsyno park. The park is open daily from 06:00 a. m. to midnight.

The Vorontsovsky Park route starts from the entrance at Akademika Pilyugina Street (next to the Church of the Life-Giving Trinity) and stretches to the southern alley (the entrance from Vorontsovskie Prudy Street). It comprises running paths covered with granite screenings; in some places, they intersect with areas covered with tiles. The total length of the route is about three kilometers. The park is open around the clock.