Traveling to Russia
Is an Advanture

“VERUM Tourism” successfully works in the international tourist market for more than 32 years as tour operator of business and sightseeing trips to Russia

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Travel Tips

  1. Foreigners should be in possession of valid passport and Russian visa. \ if there are no special non visa Agreement between your county and Russian Federation.
  2. Entrering the country please follow the customs regulations and declare all the staff necessary as per the local customs rules.
  3. There are 11 time zones in Russia, the difference  between Moscow \ St.Petersburg  and Greenwich Mean time is +3 hours. Air tickets indicate the time of departure in local time.
  4. National Holidays:
    • 4th November  - National Unanimity   Day 
    • 31 December – New Year Day
    • 07 January –Orthodox Christianity
    • 23 February – Russian Army Day
    • March or April  \non fixed \ Easter Day
    • 08 March –International Women’s’ Day 
    • 01 May -  Labour Day
    • 12 June – Independence Day
  5. Working hours Monday-Friday: 
    • Offices 9.00 am-06.00pm
    • Service bureaus 09.00-10.00pm
  6. Russian monetary unit is Rouble. 
    • Current rate of exchange 42 Rbls per 1 euro \ 30 Rbls per 1 USD. 
    • Notes of 10,50,100, 500 and 1 000 are used as well as 1Rbl, 5 Rbls, 10Rbls coins, 50 Kopeks\half of Rbl\ 10 kopeks -  \1/10 part of Rbl. 
    • Exchange rates between the roubles and hard currency is set by authorized Russian Banks. 
    • Daily exchange rate you can find in all the Exchange Bureaus in the hotels, airports, exchange offices. 
    • Many hotels, supermarkets, big shops accept credit cards Visa, Master card etc. \ Please note American Express credit cards are not widely accepted \
  7. Tipping is not  a must and guests should not feel obliged but many visitors use the tipping as a way to show appreciation for a job well done  and this is certainly acceptable.
  8. The best stores are centrally located in Moscow \Red Square, GUM Department store, Manege Square, Arbat Street etc/ and St.Petersburg \Nevski Prospect, St.Isaac Square,Gostini Dvor. 
    • Main stores are open from 10.00am till 9.00pm.Food stores 8.00am-9.00pm
    • Many food stores are open now 24 hours a day
  9. Electricity – home voltage is 220 V. European type plugs are required.
  10. Insurance-it is recommended to purchase travel insurance before departing for Russia
  11. The tariffs for postal services are in local currency and postal offices are open in the hotels
  12. Automatic telephone service is from the lobby of the hotels and to switch the telephone  in your room you need to leave a deposit in the reception of hotel.
  13. Medical treatment-First aid is provided free of charge.
  14. In Moscow and St.Petersburg there are American medical Centers and European Medical Centers. Contacts are available in reception of hotels
  15. Transport-Metro is the most comfortable and fastest public transportation within a city. The fare of the journey irrespective of the distance is 28  Roubles \ about 70 cents \ per person today.
    • Stations are open from 06.00amd and work till 01.00am
  16. Tickets are also required for bus, trolleybus and tram. Cost of journey is 28 Rbls.
  17. Taxies can booked with the hotel or you can try to hitch a lift. 
  18. Do not get in a car with a stranger if you use a private car. 
  19. Fix the price before you getting in.
  20. Climate – intercontinental, four seasons:
    • Winter –December –February. Average temperature -10C or -15C snowy
    • Spring -March-May. Average temperature  +5C +18C,  rains and winds
    • Summer –June –August. Average temperature +18C + 24C, hot and dry, may be rains and thunder thunder storms
    • Autumn-September-November. Average temperature +15C +3C. Rains and early snow in November
  21. Emergency phone numbers:
    • Fire  01
    • Police 02
    • Ambulance 03
    • Immediate Assistance SOS  112
  22. Medical assistance
    • St.Petersburg – Medem Clinic – tel +7 812 336 33 33, 6 Marata Street, American Medical Clinic–tel + 7 812 740 20 90  address   78, Moika Embankment
    • Moscow – European Medical Center -  +7 495 933 66 55, address  5/1 Spiridnievski per