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Cozy dacha tour in Russian province

Duration: 1 day
Price from: 85

Russian Province Tour – with a picnic, fishing and tea drinking!

1-day tour

Having left near Moscow, you will be able to get acquainted with the Russian province, see the fields, forests and copses near Moscow, walk along the picturesque banks of the Klyazma River, sit on the shore of Lake Aborinskoe with a fishing rod.
After the walk, you can take part in barbecue in the open air, have a picnic and taste traditional Russian cuisine!
If you want to learn about the history of the region where you are resting, then we will take you to the house-museum of merchant Arseny Morozov, one of the representatives of the Morozov dynasty of industrialists. You will see the restored mansion of the Morozov family, the park around the house, learn about the history of textile manufactories of pre-revolutionary Russia.

Tour program:
- Departure to the province from the hotel by bus / or by high-speed train REX from Yaroslavsky railway station (08:15 – 09:13/09:55 - 10:53) to Monino station
- Taxi from Monino station to the Dacha (if the tour is by train)
- Rest from the road, tea at the Cottage
- Fishing with a fishing rod from the lake shore
- Picnic with kebabs, borscht and snacks
- Master class on cooking pies
- Taxi from the Cottage to Monino station (if the tour is by train)
- Return to Moscow by bus / or by high-speed train REX from Monino to Yaroslavsky railway station in Moscow

Not included in the offer:

A trip to Morozov house-museum.