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Three raccoons in the Moscow Zoo were settled in a new enclosure

On May 1, the raccoons Akim, Shonya and Moses were settled in a newly built enclosure with an area of 100 square meters at the Moscow Zoo. It is located on the old territory of the zoo next to the Snake Safari pavilion.

For the first time in three years, guests can visit these raccoons again. In the spring of 2020, Akim, Shonya, Moses and some other raccoons moved to the second tier of aviaries of the new territory — above the river otters. There they could be seen, but for this it was necessary to move to certain places. Now it's enough to go to the fence and wait.

In the center of the enclosure, a stone slide with a pond and a river was installed, on which four rifts were created, forming ponds. Each raccoon, if desired, can choose a personal pond.

The surface of the enclosure is a natural soil with lawn, river sand, stones and mulch of pine species. On the territory there are three ash trees, ferns, juniper. There is also a large two-storey house.
A service room is provided for employees, where it is convenient to conduct veterinary examinations. There is a vestibule with two doors from where you can enter the aviary.
In the future, other raccoons from the aviary in the new territory may move to Akim, Shonya and Moses.

Трех енотов в Московском зоопарке заселили в новый вольер. Официальный сайт Мэра Москвы