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Photo exposition at "Krasnaya Presnya" park

The photo exhibition "Add Reality" dedicated to the wards of charitable organizations in Moscow has opened in Krasnaya Presnya Park. It is timed to the Day of the patron and Benefactor, which is celebrated in Russia on April 13. At the exhibition, you can learn more about city foundations and those they help, as well as do charity yourself.

In total, 16 organizations participating in the charity service are represented at the exhibition. They help children, adults and older people, large families, animals, as well as scientific and environmental projects. The wards of the organizations are shown in the pictures in the completed reality. In it, they find a home, improve their health and receive support.

Each photo of the exhibition contains a QR code that you can click to help the relevant charity organization.

The exhibition will run until May 13. It was organized by the project "Center of Attention" with the support of the Committee of Public Relations and Youth Policy of the city of Moscow.

В парке «Красная Пресня» открылась фотовыставка, посвященная подопечным благотворительных организаций Москвы