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Lipa the giraffe in the Moscow Zoo has opened the walking season

Lipa came to the Moscow Zoo in 2004, now she is already 20 years old. However, she loves to run very much and always does it right after going outside. Three zebras — Deborah, Leila and Mia, who walk in winter, are happy to keep her company. The linden tree went outside as soon as stable warm weather above plus 12 degrees was established, and the soil dried out sufficiently.
"To ensure the giraffe and zebras unhindered and safe running, zoologists regularly check the clearing for holes, potholes, stones and other problem areas. They are immediately eliminated, the holes are filled with soil and planted with grass to strengthen the soil with the root system," said Svetlana Akulova, General director of the Moscow Zoo.
Now in the African glade, cereals and legumes grow, for example, timofeevka, clover, ryegrass, bluegrass, fescue. They are the most suitable for zebras. Taller vegetation was planted for the giraffe — shrubs and tall trees. The clearing is protected from visitors by rosehip and linden, willow grows inside the moat along the perimeter of the clearing, as well as two types of maple — Canadian and American.

The giraffe eats leaves from trees and shrubs with pleasure, which creates a variety of food for her, and also stimulates bending and stretching in search of food on different tiers. Now the lime tree walks from 09:00 to 17:00, but if the temperature drops below 12 degrees, it is left in a warm room.
Employees of the Moscow Zoo are asked not to feed the zebras. Any food from the visitor's hands will become superfluous and will only bring harm.

Жирафиха Липа в Московском зоопарке открыла сезон прогулок
Photo by Yu. Ivanko.