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Emperor's crown at the MSU museum

The plaster imperial crown was transferred to the Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU). It was discovered during the restoration when replacing the parquet in the Imperial Hall in the old building of Moscow University, located at 11 Mokhovaya Street, building 1. After the completion of the work, the crown was stored in the restoration workshop and used as a textbook to study the specifics of the restoration of cultural heritage objects.

"Experts found a fragment of the royal coat of arms in the floor of the central assembly hall of the old building of Moscow University. This happened in the 2000s, when comprehensive restoration work took place here. It is known that the crown decorated the pediment of the building, but in Soviet times it was replaced by the Order of Lenin, which can still be seen today. Apparently, it was decided to save it for posterity in this way by removing it under the floor in one of the rooms. After the discovery of the antique part, the restorers used it for some time as a teaching material, and now it has been decided to transfer the crown to the Moscow State University Museum," said Alexey Yemelyanov, head of the Moscow Department of Cultural Heritage.
The crown became part of the exposition of the Moscow State University Museum. Earlier, it was presented to the general public at the exhibition "Finds in restoration".


Императорская корона стала частью экспозиции музея истории МГУ