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Blooming Moscow: in which parks to admire fruit trees, lilacs and tulips

The flowering season of apple trees and other fruit trees is in full swing in the parks, lilacs of many varieties are already beginning to bloom. We tell you where you can admire the flowers.

Цветущая Москва: в каких парках полюбоваться фруктовыми деревьями, сиренью и тюльпанами

Apple trees and other fruit trees
Cherries and pears bloomed in the Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve, apple trees joined them the other day. Historical gardens, founded in the XVII century, occupy a significant part of the territory of Kolomenskoye. Three (out of six previously existing ones) have survived to this day — Kazan, Dyakovsky and Voznesensky. The first two are located in the same place as in the XVII century. Voznesensky Garden occupies a small area of territory — previously it included part of the modern Andropov Avenue and the former village of Sadovniki. In the 2000s, another garden with apple and pear trees of different varieties was laid around the Fairground. In total, there are more than four thousand trees in the gardens of Kolomenskoye.

On the territory of the Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve, apple blossoms can be seen in Aerial Gardens — historically, the front gardens around the Tsaritsyno greenhouses, which appeared thanks to summer residents, are so called. Cherry blossoms bloom on the territory of the temple in spring.

The May flowering of fruit trees can be observed in the Severnoye Tushino Park — on the territory of the Zakharkovsky Garden, south of the central square (entrance opposite house 63 on Svobody Street). The garden appeared here in the 1950s, then along the shore of the Moscow Canal to the north of the village of Zakharkovo they arranged a collective farm apple orchard with trees, mostly of late varieties. In the summer it was a popular walking area. Over time, the garden became part of the Severnoye Tushino Park.

Cherries and ornamental apple trees adorn the alleys in the historical part of the Friendship Park near the playground. In 1957, during the VI World Festival of Youth and Students, young trees were planted by local residents and delegates from different countries.
Apple trees, pears, cherries and other fruit trees that are already in bloom have been growing for many years in the Mitino landscape park on the park alley on 2nd Roslavka Street. This spring, activists planted 10 more young apple trees of different varieties near the observation deck.


Lilac Gardens
The lilac Garden on Shchelkovsky Highway (north of Izmailovsky Park and Izmailovo Estate) was created in 1954 as an experimental breeding nursery of lilacs. The initiator was an outstanding Soviet self-taught breeder Leonid Kolesnikov, who bred about 300 varieties of lilac. The garden has preserved a unique collection of Kolesnikov varieties (some specimens are 60-70 years old), as well as varieties of foreign breeding.

Цветущая Москва: в каких парках полюбоваться фруктовыми деревьями, сиренью и тюльпанами. Официальный сайт Мэра Москвы

The most famous variety presented in the Lilac Garden is the "beauty of Moscow". Its peculiarity is that a lilac-colored bud turns into a snow-white flower during flowering. Another unique variety — "Alexey Maresyev" — is named after a military pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union. The petals of this lilac are twisted in different directions and resemble the blades of an airplane. Also in the garden you can see other famous varieties of Kolesnikov — "hydrangea", "morning of Moscow", "Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya", "lights of Moscow", "Galina Ulanova" and others. Lilac has already begun to bloom and delight the visitors of the garden.

In the second half of May, lilacs will bloom in Sokolniki Park. Varietal shrubs growing in the Lilac Garden between the 5th and 6th Ray Glades, after its reconstruction, were supplemented with species, including Amur lilac, fluffy, small-leaved, Meyer and Julia. Visitors annually observe a riot of colors here — from the white "memory of Kolesnikov" to the purple "memory of Ludwig Shpet". There is also a yellowish lilac "primrose" (or "primrose"). Some bushes have several grafts of varieties on one trunk — such lilac surprises with a multicolored bouquet.