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Willem van Weeghel. Kinetic Sculptures

   Every one of his monochrome compositions is a complex CAD (computer-aided design) based mobile work, which is characterised by a series of elements placed at the forefront of a large canvas and frame. The elements are typically metal and are attached to a mechanism at the back of the construction, which allow them to move together constantly, creating a continuous and unique pattern every time. The motifs that are formed are abstract in nature although they do call into question the attributes of positive and negative space, meaning the shapes that they create in the mind’s eye, in contrast to the rest of the space surrounding them.
   The works to be shown at Erarta are mesmerizing and require the viewer to pause in front of them for a period of time in order to absorb the incredible unfolding mosaics. In addition to the hanging works which are typical of the artist, Erarta museum has also collaborated with van Weeghel on a special large scale immersive sculptural work, which will be shown on the ground floor of the special two-storey exhibition space at the museum. Here, the viewer will be able to walk amongst large tree-like mobile sculptures, thus integrating himself into the world of van Weeghel. Unmissable.