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"There are strange approaches..."

   The large-scale exposition, which includes more than four hundred works of art and objects of natural science collections, will occupy the main exhibition axis of the Main Building of the museum and 7 halls on the second floor. The audience will meet not only with well-known Pushkin exhibits, but also with the part of the collection that is usually hidden in the storerooms, as well as with works by old masters and modern artists from more than 50 domestic and foreign museum and private collections.
   Thinking by analogies, which artists so often use, becomes the key to understanding the essence of this exposition experiment. Neglecting the traditional museum tools in the form of explications and expanded labels, which give the viewer a clear understanding of what place is assigned to a particular work in the history of art, the curator suggests relying primarily on their own impressions. Carefully selected series of visual analogies will help to discover similarities in the images of draperies on medieval icons and techniques of Cubist artists, to find hidden symbols in famous paintings and to trace how the Madonna of Ingres turned into a "Black Square" by Malevich. The exhibition consists of 13 sections, each of which has its own plot related to the refutation of mythologies existing in the history of art.