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“Rachmaninov. Concert No. 3. S. Prokofiev, Romeo and Juliet "

   The third concert is about the eternal Russian questions "Who is to blame?" and “What to do?” about Russian spirituality and the affirmation of the victory of the spirit through overcoming. The third concert is a confession of love for long-suffering Russia.
   S. Prokofiev's suite opens with a solemn portrait of two warring families - Montague and Capulet. After powerful chords, there is a quiet echo. A pause - and again a tutti chord. And the heavy, prim dance of the knights begins (in the ballet it is called “Dance of the Knights” - and sounds in the second picture, in the ball scene) with a sweeping and angular melody, with a dotted rhythm. Formidable octaves of horns are superimposed on it - a theme of enmity. The middle episode brings in different colors, more delicate, with graceful flute melody and light accompaniment of harp and string pizzicato.