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"One of the mysteries." MariaTolstaya"

   The exhibition will feature a large collection of photographs, letters from the museum's funds, paintings by the great-grandson of the writer Oleg Tolstoy and Yulia Igumnova, a contemporary of Maria, as well as personal belongings of the heroine and photographs of her authorship.
   Maria Lvovna became her father's secretary at the age of 17 and copied his works. Always immersed in cares, she fed the poor, gave lessons to peasant children, worked in the fields and studied to be a nurse. Maria helped people during the famine in 1891-1892 and together with her family opened ten bakeries. She loved to heal, was not afraid of the sight of blood, showing self-control and dedication.
   Visitors will learn about the attitude of brothers and sisters to Masha, as well as about the misunderstandings of the girl and Sophia Andreevna's mother, presented as if in contrast to her surprisingly close communication with her father. Attention will be paid to Maria's infatuations and her short family life.