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Invisible Art: Expanding the Boundaries of What Is Possible

   As the Hermitage understands things, inclusion is the expansion of possibilities for all categories of visitor. In the present case, the restorers have come up with several new slants on the tactile appreciation of art. The relief outlines of the Penjikent murals and the woven reliefs of the Pazyryk carpets make the perception of them easier and more pleasurable for any visitor. It’s a dream coming true – being able to touch a museum exhibit.
   The Invisible Art project has been developing step by step for a number of years. The first object created was a relief model based on a Rembrandt painted self-portrait from the Leiden Collection (USA). It was presented to the public in the Hermitage in 2018 at the exhibition “The Age of Rembrandt and Vermeer. Masterpieces from the Leiden Collection”. Visitors to the present display in the General Staff building will be able to find out about the complex processes involved in translating a two-dimensional image into a three-dimensional one and about various techniques for producing tactile models.