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History of Moscow chocolate

   Here are presented unique exhibits of confectionery factories and establishments of pre-revolutionary Moscow, which had the highest entrepreneurial title “Supplier of the Court of His Imperial Majesty”. These are not unopened boxes of chocolates and biscuits that are over 100 years old! And also the rarest collectible samples of confectionery packaging dedicated to important events in the history of Russia, equipment for the production of chocolate and sweets of the late 19th - early 20th centuries.
   And the main highlight of the exhibition is the collection of chocolate eggs from the early 20th century. Yes, yes, those very progenitors of kinder surprises who survived the revolution, two world wars, the collapse of the USSR and who have survived to this day in their original form! By the way, they are all different in size - there are both small classic kinders and huge ones - half a meter in size.


  Выставка «История Московского шоколада»