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Graphics from the Guerlain collection

   The exhibition "Collection of the Guerlain family" will feature more than 200 works of graphics. A total of 1,297 works from the collection of Florence and Daniel Guerlain are stored in the funds of the Georges Pompidou Center for Contemporary Art in Paris. And this is not the whole gathering of spouses! They began collecting works of art inspired by the example of Daniel's famous grandfather, perfumer Jacques Guerlain, who at the beginning of the XX century collected Impressionist paintings — they were at the very forefront of artistic thought in his time. His grandson adopted his grandfather's craving for modern art, but focused not on painting, but on graphics.
   The collection includes works by artists from various countries. Thus, the collection and the part of it that will be presented in Moscow are able to give the viewer an idea of what is happening at the beginning of the XXI century in graphics — and, therefore, in all relevant art.