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"Following the hero"

   The exhibition presents paintings, easel and book graphics, sculptures, objects of decorative and applied art - more than 120 exhibits in total, some of which come from the museum's collection, and some were kindly provided for display by authors or private owners.
   The first section is devoted to a cultural hero — a key figure of a myth, epic or fairy tale, who is distinguished by the ability to transform the existing order: create or extract various objects (Prometheus - fire, useful plants - Hercules), teach people hunting techniques, crafts, arts, establish a social organization, establish marriage rules, prohibitions and holidays.
   The second section of the exhibition presents the cultural hero's journey through the "Kingdom of the Dead" and its subsequent revival. It is difficult to find such a fabulous or mythological hero who would not meet a guardian on his way, separating the world of the living from the world of the deceased. In ancient mythology, this is the god Hermes and the ferryman Charon, in the Russian folk tale - the mistress of the hut on chicken legs - Baba Yaga.

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