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Exhibition "The Phenomenon of the Russian Empire (1721-1917)"

   300 years ago, in the Trinity Cathedral of St. Petersburg, Russia was proclaimed an empire, and Peter the Great was proclaimed emperor. And although Russia acquired imperial features even before the official announcement of the new status, this event became an important page in the history of the country. It is to this memorable date that the book and magazine exhibition is timed.
   During its almost two-hundred-year existence, the Russian Empire competed in power with many significant foreign policy players, for the most part successfully participated in military campaigns, and prefaced both the most liberal and extremely conservative reforms. But it was with Peter the Great that not only the empire began, but also the new history of Russia, and therefore in the center of the exhibition is an assessment of the bright figure of Peter the Great and his reforms in the works of Russian historians.
   The exhibition presents a retrospective of the works of Russian researchers on the decisive policy of Peter I and his influence on the future fate of Russia.