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"Dedicated to Dostoevsky"

   The exhibition consists of nine paintings, the main one of which was the only lifetime portrait of F.M. Dostoevsky. This painting was commissioned by P.M. Tretyakov for a portrait series of outstanding Russian figures. The founder of the Gallery has repeatedly spoken about Dostoevsky's high mission and even called him "the apostle of truth", "our public conscience".
   The exhibition also includes six works from the collection of the Tretyakov Gallery, which Dostoevsky addressed at various times. Russian Russian art was not indifferent to Dostoevsky, but in his journalistic legacy there were only two articles about Russian painting. The first is dedicated to the exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1860-1861, and the second to the International Exhibition of 1873 in Vienna.
   In addition to the paintings, visitors to the exhibition will see a video telling about the life of Dostoevsky, his relationship with Tretyakov and the role of the writer in the artistic life of the country in the second half of the XIX century.