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"Cabinet of fashions and graces "of the Yusupov princes

Pietro Antonio Rotari is the first prominent Italian artist to work in Russia at the invitation of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna.
   Works of the fashionable Italian painter appeared in the collection of Prince Boris Grigorievich Yusupov in the middle of the 18th century. In the Moscow region, a hall with a collection of paintings by Pietro Rotari existed only in the Yusupov princes.
   The exhibition presents twenty-five works that are significant for the master - the so-called "female heads" - small images of girls and women engaged in needlework, reading, writing letters, holding a prayer book or a bouquet of flowers. In Rotary's canvases, not only Russian, but also stylized Polish, Hungarian, and Turkish costumes are reproduced. Images born of imagination and craftsmanship of Rotary are adorable models, enchanted by their own perfection.