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Events in Moscow - June 2017


“Antonio Gaudi.Barcelona”


1 Jun - 30 Jun

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art will host an exhibition of works by Catalonian architect Antonio Gaudi.The exhibition will display a total of about 150 of Gaudi’s works (including models of buildings as well as drawings and furniture) and will present him as an artist that had a powerful impact on art as a whole in the 20th century.



Giorgio de Chirico


1 Jun - 30 Jun


Giorgio de Chirico was a famous Italian painter, one of the most important Avant-Garde masters of the 20th century, a forerunner of Surrealism.
This exhibition at the State Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val will feature about 100 paintings, graphic works, sculptures, and theatrical costumes designed by the artist for the ballet “The Ball” produced by Sergei Diaghilev’s private theatrical enterprise in 1929.


Polugar in Oblomov

1 Jun - 30 Jun

Oblomov continues his fascinating journey to Russian kitchen history. The next station is Polugar - famous bread wine that was popular long before vodka appeared. It's difficult and unnecessary to compare Polugar with other alcohol drinks. Russians had been drinking it for more than 400 years, it's become a traditional national aperitif best coming with rich meat dishes. It's not to make a shot - give Polugar time to reveal all facets of its rye taste while drinking it in small sips. You may already try three different sorts of Polugar at Oblomov: Bread, Pepper&Garlic, Buckwheat. 


Classical Music in Kuskovo 2017 Festival


1 Jun - 30 Jun

Every year, the Kuskovo Open-Air Estate-Museum hosts the Classical Music in Kuskovo Festival between 28 May and 3 September. Here, in the park ensemble, it is especially pleasant to listen to music by favourite composers, especially during summer when the Moscow autumn concert season seems so far away. Open air concerts take on a special charm when audiences are surrounded not only by music but also by the beauty of architectural monuments. Here visitors can walk along park paths, admire the stillness of the pond and listen to birds singing. The Moskontsert (Mosconcert) philharmonic association will perform musical masterpieces here under the arches of the dance halls on summer evenings.

Music lovers will enjoy meeting famous ensembles and performers of classical and jazz  music and also contemporary works.

Festival concerts will be held on Thursdays at 7:30 pm and on Sundays at 6 pm.


Colour Run at Luzhniki 

9 Jun - 10 Jun

The Luzhniki Olympic Complex invites everyone to take part in the Colour Run which marks its 5thanniversary this year.

Participants will cover five kilometres along Novoluzhnetsky Proyezd and the Luzhnetskaya Embankment through four “colour zones” where coloured powder will be sprinkled. After the competition, an awards ceremony will be held.

Registered participants will receive their starter packages from 2 pm to 9 pm on 9 June and from 11 am to 7 pm on 10 June. The start/finish area will open at 8.30 am on the day of the race.


Art Football music and football festival 


2 Jun - 13 Jun


Moscow will hold the 7th Art Football music and football festival from 2 to 13 June. Sixteen teams from European, Latin American and Asian countries will compete for the world champion title for performers.

According to draw results, Russia will play in group A against teams from Estonia, Korea and Poland.  The competition will also bring together teams from Argentina, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Turkey and other countries.

Art Football will kick off on 3 June at Lokomotiv Stadium, at 125 Bolshaya Cherkizovskaya Street, Bldg.10. A concert will begin at 7 pm featuring a performance by one representative from each participating nation. Teams that have no matches scheduled for 4, 10, 11 and 12 June will give a concert on these dates. Famous musicians will be guest star as well.

According to Deputy Head of Moscow’s Department of Sport and Tourism Alexei Kondarantsev, the event will attract over 500 stars and 5,000 spectators this year. Paraguay will make a début with the likely appearance of famous goalkeeper Jose Luis Chilavert.

‘The event will be held in the run-up to the FIFA Confederations Cup,’ said Boris Grishin, who heads the Department of State Policy in Sport and International Cooperation at the Russian Ministry of Sport.

In addition, there will be screenings held as part of the festival:

Art Football Cinema at the Kosmos Cinema from 5 to 7 June;

Art Football Circus at the Grand Moscow Circus on 8 June;

Art Football Classics at the Moscow Conservatory on 9 June;

The festival will conclude on 12 June. The day will see the Under the Flag of Kindness event, a gala concert and a charity football match which will feature a team of popular singers and politicians play against a world team of performers.

This year marks the 10th anniversary for the Art Football festival, which was held for the first time in Sochi in 2007.


Traditions and Modernity international art festival


7 Jun - 11 Jun


Manezh will display the entire palette of world art in the fields of painting, drawing, sculpture and arts and crafts, as well as all trends of modern culture in various countries.

This year the geography of participants in the Traditions and Modernity international art festival is unprecedented.  It will bring together works by over 300 artists from Azerbaijan, Angola, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, the UK, Georgia, Israel, China, Lebanon, Lithuania, Monaco, Paraguay, Portugal, Romania, the US, France, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Switzerland, South Korea, Japan and other countries.

Mikhail Shemyakin’s exhibition will be a special project featuring his paintings and jewelry, as well as his works for the theatre. A separate room will be dedicated to his Imaginary Museum, based on a collection of images and symbols in art created by masters of different epochs and nations.

Russian classical art will be represented at this year’s festival by a large collection of still lifes from the Mamontov gallery including works by Alexander Kuprin, Pyotr Konchalovsky, Sergei Sudeikin, Aristarkh Lentulov and Nadezhda Udaltsova.

Manezh will also display rare items including, for example, a unique violin made by a well-known Italian master Andrea Schudtz. In his laboratory in Cremona he revives forgotten secrets of his famous predecessors, such as Antonio Stradivari, Niccolo Amati and Andrea Guarneri. Continuing their traditions, he has managed to achieve a recognisable medieval timbre in his instruments. One of them will be displayed at the Moscow exhibition: an inlaid violin, a copy of Antonio Stradivari’s Hellier model of 1679. Its sounds will be demonstrated at the festival’s opening. 

The Traditions and Modernity international art festival is considered to be one of the largest in the world. For the 11 years of its existence in Russia and abroad it involved over 5,500 galleries and artists from over 50 countries. Over 3.7 million people have attended its cultural events.

The awards ceremony of the Vera international art prize will take place at the end of the festival on 10 June. A prize will be awarded to the best works. After that the festival will move from Russia to China and Portugal.

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Emerald bees and multicoloured butterflies at Darwin Museum

19 Jun - 20 Jun

The museum opens an exhibition of insects discovered by famous natural scientists during 19th and 20th centuries.

An exhibition titled Discoveries Made with a Butterfly Net 100 Years Ago opens at the State Darwin Museum on 20 June. Visitors will be able to see large multicoloured butterflies, unusual bugs, emerald bees and zoophagous ants, as well as tropical insects discovered by natural scientists Eugene Le Moult (France) and Albert Meek (UK) during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Eugene Le Moult described over 200 new butterfly species, subspecies and forms. The exhibition has very unusual insects which Le Moult collected such as the carnivorous bullet ant named for its potent sting, or the predatory mosquito which feeds on yellow fever mosquito. Other exhibits include tropical nocturnal insects such as grasshoppers and locusts, as well as lantern flies, also called peanut bugs because of a protuberance on their heads making them look like peanuts.

In 1906, Albert Meek discovered the world’s largest diurnal butterfly in eastern Papua New Guinea. It was later named Queen Alexandra’s birdwing in honour of Alexandra of Denmark. It is now considered an endangered species because of unrestricted forest felling and the eruption of nearby Mount Lamington in the 1950s, which destroyed a very large area of this species’ former habitat. Albert Meek also travelled to Australia and the Solomon Islands. Some of the tropical insects he discovered were so large that a small shotgun had to be initially used in order to hunt them.

Discoveries Made with a Butterfly Net 100 Years Ago will be open until 20 August. It is part of a project named First Time Exhibits, which runs throughout 2017 to mark the museum’s 110th anniversary.

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Sixth International Garden and Flower Festival

29 Jun - 30 Jun

Millions of flowers from many parts of the world will decorate Muzeon Arts Park at the Moscow Flower Show, the Sixth International Garden and Flower Festival. It will bring together over 100 experts from Russia, the UK, the Netherlands, France and Italy. The theme of this year’s exhibition is Eco Lifestyle.

At workshops, experts in landscape gardening and horticulture will explain how to stay in harmony with nature and turn into reality your ideas of improving your garden in the current context. They will also display flower installations and new plant varieties, for example, Hydrangea Melba, whose flowers that turn with time from milky-white to wine-red are coming into vogue.

On the exhibition grounds, 30 gardens will be laid out based on the projects of school students who won awards in the Planet of Flowers national landscape design and gardening contest. The contest gained public recognition in 2016 and later was organised in other parts of the country.

Organisers have prepared the Blooming City contest of flowerbeds for which landscape designers will create floral arrangements. They will be a source of inspiration for visitors – everyone will be given plans of flower beds that they liked with the names of the plants used. In addition, visitors will learn how to landscape the balcony of a city flat.

The Dancing Flowers Alley will be the most eco-friendly festival site. It will look like an arch with a passage made of paper sunflowers. They will sway with the sunlight as if in the wind.

Designer Oksana Khleborodova will create the Malachite Box mysterious garden for lovers of folk tales and legends. It will feature living gem stones cut from mountain pines and topiary plants among ferns.

The honorary guest will be Claude Pasquer, a representative of the French International Garden and Flower Festival in the Chaumont-sur-Loire castle. His works promote an environmentally-friendly approach to landscape gardening. He will prove that even a modest compost bin can become an object of art and a garden decoration.

Run since 2012, the Moscow Flower Show is the largest Russian international garden art and landscape design festival.

Moscow Flower Show  160027

Beach volleyball tournament for the NAA Fitness and Sports Centre Cup

17 Jun - 25 Jun

On 17, 18, 24 and 25 June, the Levoberezhny Beach recreation area will host the annual beach volleyball tournament for the Northern Administrative Area’s Fitness and Sports Centre Cup.

Both men’s and women’s teams will contest the top awards in two age groups: players 18-39 years old and 40 years and older. Teams are required to register by emailing their applications to the NAA Fitness and Sports Centre.

Everyone is welcome to visit the tournament as a spectator.

mk plagnij volleybol27

Youth sport festival

27 Jun 

On 27 June, a sporting event dedicated to Youth Day will be held at Sadovniki Park. The programme includes competitions in volleyball, streetball, fitness, frisbee and a tug-of-war.

The competitions are open to those between the ages of 14 and 30. The winners will be awarded souvenirs.

Younger children will be able to take part in the Festive Competitions and relay races.

mk-molod sport27

Viktor Vasnetsov’s Landscapes exhibition 

1 Jun - 30 Jun

The Viktor Vasnetsov’s Landscapes exhibition features 33 painted and graphic sketches, which the artist made between 1868 and 1917 outside Moscow and Paris.

The exhibits include the Calm canvass (1881). The least famous works are landscapes of Novy Ryabov, the artist’s estate outside Moscow. Most of the sketches are on display for the first time. The exhibition also showcases photos from Viktor Vasnetsov’s memorial collection.

The museum is open from Wednesday until Sunday.

gl vasnetsov27

Modern Art 1960-2000: Restart exhibition

1 Jun - 30 Jun

The Modern Art 1960-2000: Restart exhibition is being held at halls No 39-42 as part of the project, The Tretyakov Gallery Opens Its Vaults.

One of the Tretyakov Gallery’s most eagerly anticipated projects in recent years is a new version of the permanent exhibition of the newest trends in art. This is the fourth exposition since the 2000s. Each time, the exhibition changed its perspectives, giving rise to a lively debate among professionals and the public.

The new version of the permanent exhibition is devoted to modern Russian art from the late 1950s to 2000s. One of the pearls of this exhibition is items from the collection of the famous collector of Soviet underground, Leonid Talochkin (1936-2002), access to which was limited for many years.

This exhibition is a unique overview of contemporary art, involving all key trends and genres, from post-war abstract painting to the most important practices of the 2000s. The collection took 20 years to shape. In the 1990s, it included exhibits acquired by the Ministry of Culture and donated to the museum by artists and their heirs. In the early 2000s, the Tretyakov Gallery received the collection of the modern art department of the Tsaritsyno open-air museum.

In 2014, Tatyana Vendelshtein, Leonid Talochkin’s widow, donated a large part of his unique collection to the museum, and the remaining works were acquired for the museum by the Ministry of Culture. These acquisitions enriched the Gallery’s collection with works by artists and genres that were previously missing. Now the Gallery’s collection of contemporary art includes over 5,000 exhibits – paintings, objects, installations and videos. 

tretyakovka perezagruzka24

Sculptures of Peasants

1 Jun - 30 Jun

An engaging exhibition, Peasants: Men and Women, will open as part of the permanent exposition at the Treyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val Street. The exhibition will feature sculptures from the 1920s-1950s, including those by Yekaterina Belashova, Vladimir Domogatsky, Boris Korolyov, Vera Mukhina, Beatrisa Sandomirskaya, Sergei Churakov and Ivan Shadr.

The public is less familiar with the sculptures on display as they were seldom shown.

The value of the exhibition is that until now, peasant themes have not been explored as a phenomenon in and of itself, although in the early 20th century, Russia was still an agricultural country.

The curators have divided the exhibition into tseveral themed groups. Some works show peasants as custodians of common sense and the experience that has been accumulated by past generations. At the same time, some images are imbued with a dash of conservatism and patriarchal order.

Another section includes portrait sculptures that convey the specifics of Russian peasant mentality, such as Fedot the Disheveled. A Peasant from Yasnaya Polyana by Boris Korolyov and An Old Man by Yekaterina Belashova.   There is also a section dedicated to peasant work, which features A Sower by Ivan Shadr and A Female Combine Operator by Alexei Babichev.

The theme of peasant recreation, fun and dancing can be seen in the sculptures that were created in the post-war years, for example, A Russian Dance by Zinaida Bazhenova, Shurka by Yekaterina Belashova and The Kolkhoz Member Dunyasha by Beatrisa Sandomirskaya. 

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The Taming, a show with an intermission 

20 Jun

The Satirikon Theatre invites you to The Taming, a show with an intermission, based on Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. Production by Yakov Lomkin.

The Taming is a joyful opportunity to come into contact with the festive and enchanting world of Shakespeare’s great comedy. It is a genuine theatrical festival in which, in spite of the bright, sunny and excitable atmosphere of the theatricals, the author raises a very important and timely issue of human relations.


MusykaLETA live sound festival

23 Jun - 24 Jun

The hottest music festival in Moscow in the summer includes instantly recognisable songs, vibrant rhythms and an upbeat mood. Open air solo performances by Russian stars will take place in the heart of the city, at Hermitage Garden which is an oasis of fresh air and green trees.

This summer the programme will feature the rock band Chaif. As usual, the concert is timed to coincide with Vladimir Shakhrin’s birthday, the front man of the legendary quartet from Yekaterinburg. On 23 June, the “orange mood” band, headed by Shakhrin will entertain fans with a special programme beyond expectations, unlike anything they have done before.

Leonid Agutin and the Esperanto group, who have been involved in summer open air concerts in Moscow for two years, will be on the Hermitage Garden stage on 24 June. Jazz and blues rhythms will permeate the rays of the setting sun. The audience will hear guitar solos and acoustic phrases from a double-bass, keyboard instruments, trombone and flugelhorn.

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