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Events in Moscow - July 2019

Moscow Urban Fest (04-07.07.19)

The Moscow Urban Forum will run in Zaryadye Park between 4 and 7 July. The Moscow Urban Fest, which is a part of the forum, has prepared a special programme. The visitors will enjoy more than a hundred cultural and educational events, including group psychotherapy, coffee with famous architects, walking with a former homeless, yoga on the River Overlook footbridge, movies, plays, and meditations in the Dome.

This year's main theme is Umwelt meaning ''environment'' in German. But the full meaning of this word is much wider. Umwelt is everything around us that we can perceive with our senses and knowledge.

The festival programme is divided into three thematic sections — Feel, Realize and Take a Fresh Look.

Moscow Urban Fest (04-07.07.19)