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Events in Moscow - 1 Nov - 17 Nov 2016


Artistic Treasures of Russia


1 nov - 17 nov

Paintings that are included into this exhibition can be seen neither at the Tretyakov Gallery nor at the Russian Museum. For decades they have been wandering from one state to another, have been handed down from one generation to another and were not at easy access for public. Today their owners decided to share the magic of art. Visitors will see the works by Aivazovsky, Nesterov, Shishkin, Savrasov and many others.

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Ivan Aivazovsky: 200 years


1 nov - 17 nov

Aivazovsky opened to Russia the marine painting and made it one of the most significant phenomena of XIX century. He explored the interaction between the Man and the See, expressing the power of element in his works. The exhibition does not aim to collect as many masterpieces as possible but to tell the story of life and art through the most important works created by him. 



Raphael. The Poetry of Images. From Italian Museums.

1 nov - 17 nov

Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino known as Raphael was an Italian artist of Renaissance. Together with Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, he forms the traditional trinity of great masters of that period. His works are hymn to the ideal of human grandeur, impressing with clarity. Though he died at the age of 37, he left a great number of works. The exhibition will focus especially on portraits.


Far East Crab Specials Menu

4 nov 

On Friday Brix brand-chief Fedor Verin is starting author’s mono menu consisting of Far East crab specials. The guests will be offered to choose from crab pasta, artichoke deep with boiled crab, light crab meat appetizer with mango and cucumber slices, fried crab sandwich and baked crab phalanx got rid of its shell but not from delicious flavor.

By the way on Saturday Verin is going to cook by himself, have a drink and nice talk with the guests and even share some recipes. It's better to book a table in advance! As for Brix at Pokrovka, the new menu here is starting on October, 28, and it’s Constantin Berg who will receive the guests.



JazzBetween III Party

4 nov - 5 nov

JazzBetween announces its third party at Suzuran Bar. The event will gather Ilya Rasskazov (Headz.FM) and Cacao Chaos is Fat together with Igor Jakovenko and the best representatives of jazz and street dance cultures.

What is JazzBetween? It's a creative and producer platform helping the brightest phenomena of modern jazz find their auditory. Today jazz is on the rise - just like in 80s. It is combined (and quite successfully) with broken beat, hip hop, neo soul, getting a new life full of colors and experiments.

Live sound is one of the most important components of JazzBetween parties. The chief ideologist Marina Pravkina and her gifted team work really hard to present some fresh, unusual and unlimited content. The project has huge plans such as organization of fests, workshops and reunions as well as to invite European artists in order to exchange experience and the power of sound. Stay tuned!


Sunday brunches at Metropol


6 nov - 17 nov


Metropol Hotel is kicking off a new season of brunches in 2016-2017! We would like to invite all those who appreciate fine cuisine and a one-of-a-kind atmosphere to spend unforgettable Sundays at the historic and intricately-decorated hall of the legendary Grand Hotel.
This season every brunch is a new gastronomic adventure and a variety of flavors. Andrey Shmakov, brand chef of Metropol Hotel, will amaze you with original dishes from around the world, in-season products, and their extraordinary combinations. Our bar will be serving a wider choice of beverages: you will be offered refreshing iced tea, sea buckthorn vitamin tea, fragrant mulled wine made by Metropol's chef sommelier, and much much more.
In keeping with tradition, we have prepared an interactive tour around our hotel and a new entertainment program for children of all ages after brunch.
Have a birthday brunch at Metropol's stately hall. Get a free set of pastries on your birthday!
Striving to provide variety, we are committed to maintaining a high level of service. The atmosphere of our legendary historic hotel will be a fixture in the kaleidoscope of events to come this season.



Techhouse Parties


10 nov - 17 nov

Suzuran announces the start of Thursday parties! Techhouse and cocktails - a perfect match for cold autumn evenings, isn't it? This week it's Vasily Kuybar from STEREOTACTIC and Alex Chebanov (Soul.On records label founder) who rule the dance floor. Alex Komarov and his gifted team will be behind the bar counter. Seems like you just must be there!