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Make and taste: What the VDNKh cheese festival has in stock for visitors

More than 50 cheesemakers from all across Russia, from the Pskov Region to Altai, will present their wares at the festival, alongside tasting sessions, educational tours, lectures and cheese making workshops.

Between 3 and 5 August, the VDNKh’s Northern Public Garden (near Pavilion 75) will be the venue of the National Cheese Festival. More than 50 cheesemakers from across Russia, from the Pskov Region to Altai, will bring their products to the event.

There will be a market in the festival’s main tent, where farmers from more than 20 regions will present a variety of cheeses, including mozzarella, haloumi and feta cheese, as well as blue cheeses (Gorgonzola, Stilton and Valençay), white soft cheeses (Camembert, Brie and Saint-Marcellin), semi-hard or hard cheese (Gruyere, Gouda and Cheddar), as well as cheeses with fenugreek, pepper, garlic and herbs. Visitors will be offered an opportunity to taste all these varieties and buy the ones they most prefer.

A Tent of Knowledge will offer interactive tours, cooking workshops, as well as lectures: visitors will learn how to make Chalet-style pasta, apple mousse accompanied by a salad and haloumi fried cheese, as well as cheese sweets. The tent will also be the place to go for various tasting sessions, including the Coffee and Cheese event and a debate on Farm-style and Industrial Cheese.

Children may enjoy The Crow and the Cheese play and mini workshops on drawing still-life paintings of cheese. In the evenings, there’ll be live performances on the festival’s main stage.

In addition to all this, the festival will include the second annual contest Best Russian Cheese, in which representatives from the Farmhouse and Artisan Cheese and Dairy Producers European Network will evaluate products in nine categories. The award ceremony will take place on 5 August at 3pm on the festival’s main stage.

Admission as well as educational programmes are free, with the exception of the Coffee and Cheese tasting session.