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For pedestrians and drivers: Changes at the main entrance to VDNKh

The renovated streets as well as the square near the main entrance of VDNKh is going to get a delightful walking zone, new parking places, plus  apple, pear, maple and other alleys.

An improvement plan is ready for a 26-hectare area at the main entrance to VDNKh, which includes Prodolny, 1st and 2nd Poperechny and Ostankinsky Proyezd lanes. They bring together quite a few Moscow landmarks such the Museum of Cosmonautics, the Worker and Collective Farm Woman sculpture by Vera Mukhina, Hotel Cosmos and the VDNKh park and exhibition centre, which is one of the main landmarks in northeast Moscow that attracts over 20 million visitors every single year.

The square at the entrance of VDNKh will become a pleasant pedestrian zone covered with grey granite paving stones in several contrasting colours. There will be comfortable benches, energy-efficient lighting, new lawns and alleys with over 300 trees, including bird cherry, ornamental apple and pear trees, plus rowan, maple, lime as well as other trees too.

For pedestrians and drivers: Changes at the main entrance to VDNKh


The renovation also provides for building a car park for over 1,800 vehicles.

A wide pedestrian zone will be built in the 1st and 2nd Poperechny Proyezd lanes. The width of the road in Ostankinsky Proyezd and part of Prodolny Proyezd will be changed to accommodate new pedestrian islands together with more up to date crossings. The number of lanes will be streamlined to make the area safe and suitable not only for drivers but also for those who don’t have cars as well.