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Preparations for the installation of amusements begin at Dream Island Park

Preparations for the installation of amusements begin at Dream Island Park

In order to create a solid foundation for the 500 metre high roller coasters and other amusements, workers are to install over 4,600 reinforced concrete piles.

Workers began to prepare the venue for the installation of amusements at Dream Island Park, which is now under construction at Nagatinskaya Poyma (Flood-plain), south of Moscow. The work will be carried out on a territory of over 72,000 square metres. Workers are to install a total of 4,600 concrete piles. Each amusement will have its own concrete foundation, which will provide extra support when it comes to the installation process.

The foundations will be completed in a course of 120 days, Dream Island Park’s press service reports. “In order to create strong foundations, we will be using massive reinforced concrete piles each measuring between 13 to 20 metres. Their sizes are related to the heavy dynamic workload of the park amusements, and also to the nature of Nagatinskaya Poyma and the soil there”.

Once the piles are installed, workers will fill the foundations with concrete and only then will work start to assemble the amusements.

The Dream Island Park is to open is 2019. It will cover an area of 100 hectares. Here there will be a park zone as well as a roof-covered place for amusements. Later, the park will also have a hotel with a capacity of 410 rooms, children’s yacht school, restaurants plus shops. Apart from the amusement park, the glass dome will also cover a walking area, which will include a large central square, a concert hall with 3,800 seats together with a cinema made up of 17 halls.

Park visitors will be able to take rides on roller coasters. Unlike most of the European and American versions, rides on these roller coasters will take place in the dark. The entire route will be located in a closed area. Cars will reach a speed of up to 80 km/h, and go round double loops with a 360 degree turn.

The list of the park’s other large-scale projects also includes a 4D ride called Flight to the Dinosaur World. With the help of chairs located on a moveable platform, visitors will be able to feel as if they are flying, while a giant spherical screen will be showing them images of a pre-historic world with dinosaurs and ancient plants.

Landscaping at Dream Island Park’s natural zone began already last year. Its territory will be plain in the south and hilly in the north. Workers will plant a total of 3,300 trees and 38,000 shrubs in the park. The plants have been chosen taking into account Moscow’s climatic conditions. The list of plants will include firs, birches, oaks and different sorts of maples. There also will be thujas, different species of juniper, rhododendrons, azaleas, dogwood and lilac, and over 50,000 flowers-tulips, narcissi, lilies of the valley, crocuses plus many other plants and flowers too.