VDNKh and other places: discover the best Moscow ice rinks
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VDNKh and other places: discover the best Moscow ice rinks

Moscow ice rinks have prepared concerts, competitions, workshops, photo contests plus DJ sets for the new season. Neither absence of skates nor a lack of skill will stop anyone from enjoying these: there are rentals for visitors and lessons available given by experienced trainers.

Moscow rinks are waiting for everyone who would like to try out figure skating, ice hockey or skate running. Ice rinks have opened in Sokolniki, Gorky Park, Goncharovsky, Tagansky as well as other parks too. There will be 1,283 rinks with natural ice open in the city plus 191 with artificial ice.

Winter for achievements at VDNK


On 1 December, the largest rink in the world opened at VDNKhIt stretches from the Central Pavilion to the Agriculture Pavilion (Zemledeliya Pavilion), with the ice occupying over 20,000 square metres. Almost 5,000 people can skate there at the same time.

The theme of the season is “The Winter of Your Achievements,” and decorations are dedicated to the winter sports. In the centre of the rink, there is a big art installation with colourful half-circles, which are illuminated at night. One of the main adornments of the installation is a sculpture of a dancing figure skater. A nice view of the bright ice rink can be seen from the pedestrian bridge.

The programme of the new season includes concerts, competitions, workshops plus photo contests. Skates can be rented at one of the four pavilions and plenty of snacks are available at the café. A separate ice rink with a rental service has opened for children.

Hockey workshops and a fair on Red Squar


The most central rink is the one on Red SquarePeople can enjoy the view of the Kremlin and GUM illuminated by evening lights and buy souvenirs at the fair: Christmas-tree decorations, Zhostovo trays, valenkis, knitted mittens, matryoshkas, jewel boxes and shawls from Orenburg or Pavlovsky Posad. There’ll also be delicious things like pancakes with caviar, hot pies, baked potatoes, Viennese waffles and roasted chestnuts.

World campion hockey player Alexei Yashin and Europe champion freestyle skater Yuri Ovchinnikov have prepared workshops for those who love sports. The information about tickets, schedules and registration for masterclasses is available on the rink’s website

Parties and light installation in Gorky Park


The stereo rink in Gorky Park attracts visitors with its light installations and optical illusions. Blue and white wavy lines, which the food court, ticket offices and rental points are adorned with, seem to be pulsing when people skate along. Fountain Square is decorated with a 10-metre-high stereo-dynamic cube that looks like a matryoshka doll: there are several smaller cubes inside it. Their edges light up with various colours at night.

The specialty of the season is a dancing floor under a glass dome where parties will be held three times a week led by popular Moscow DJs.

The park also has a children’s rink and a place to play ice hockey complete with goalposts. There are five entrance pavilions, with one of them for visitors with their own skates, as it was last year. However, there are twice as many food-selling points this year: 20. Two food courts are actually situated on the dance floor and Fountain Square.

Polar lights in Sokolniki


The “Lyod” ice rink in Sokolniki is another bright rink. Its boards are illuminated with neon lights at night and the mediafacade glows with colours that look like polar lights. The total area of the rink is 5,300 square metres. There are two rental services on Festival Square.

Figure skating at the Hermitage Garden


There are two skating rinks at the Hermitage Garden: one with natural ice and the other with artificial ice. The latter is the smaller one, its total area is only 900 square metres. The first one occupies almost 4,000 square metres in the shady walkways of the garden. Both rinks have rental points. Professional trainers are giving lessons to those who would like to learn the basics of figure skating.