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Vikings. Way to the East

   The central image of the exhibition was the reconstruction of a ship - a symbol of military and commercial campaigns. The process of the military development of river routes is demonstrated by the items of the retinue culture: weapons, armor and equipment of an equestrian warrior. Among them is a unique collection of helmets. One of them has survived only in fragments and was exhibited for the first time accompanied by a 3-D reconstruction. Recently discovered hoards of silver coins illustrate the extensive trade ties of the Vikings, from Eastern Europe to the Arab Caliphate.
   A separate part of the exhibition is devoted to the results of the latest research of the museum's archaeological collections, carried out jointly with the National Research Center "Kurchatov Institute". For the first time, the materials obtained as a result of excavations of the last years of the Smolensk archaeological expedition of the Historical Museum are presented. After the completion of the restoration work, a complex of objects found during the study in 2018 of one of the richest burial mounds of the Gnezdovo archaeological complex was exhibited. The complex includes a sword, gold Byzantine coins, a set of jewelry, playing chips and much more.