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The Memory! 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War

This significant anniversary once again reminds us of the lessons of the past, of the heroic and tragic pages of the Russian history of the twentieth century. The long time distance that separates us from the victorious May of 1945, more and more often encourages us to look for a true sound in the reflection of the military theme, avoiding cliches, bravura intonations. It is no accident that the main idea of the exhibition is memory – historical, family, personal. A convincing embodiment of this memory was the work of artists for whom the harsh drama of the war was an integral part of their personal biography.

The exhibition presents paintings, sculptures and graphics from the collection of the Russian Museum, made from 1945 to the 2010s. Many of the authors of the presented works (A. Laktionov, E. Moiseenko, A. Mylnikov, V. Ivanov, G. Korzhev, G. Savinov and others) are the largest masters of Soviet and modern Russian art. The works of these artists-representatives of different generations convincingly reveal the perception of the events of the war and the fate of its ordinary participants in the context of the concept of Memory as the most important moral category.