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"The First": The 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's space flight

The First exhibition is the central exhibition project in the year of the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's flight into space. It will feature documents and personal belongings of the first cosmonaut, which have long been kept in museums across the country and in personal archives. Among them are:
  • The original birth certificate of the first cosmonaut of the Earth (it will open the exhibition).
  • The airplane that Yuri Gagarin made with his own hands as a child.
  • A huge bucket for casting metal, which the future cosmonaut worked at the furnace (few people know that Yuri Gagarin in the vocational school acquired the specialty "caster-shaper").
  • His certificates, clothes, tools, photographs, and other unique items.

One of the central exhibits of the exhibition will be an authentic lander of a single-seat spacecraft of the Vostok series, on which the first space flight in the history of mankind was made on April 12, 1961.

Also at the exhibition you will see rare items specially brought from all over the country, related to the period of his studies:

A desk with a folding lid, at which Yuri Alekseevich sat during his studies at the Lyubertsy Vocational School (this exhibit was shared by the Lyubertsy technical School, which now bears the name of Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin).
Cast-iron model of the Yak-18 aircraft.
Yuri Alekseevich's thesis is a metal park grating, made by him together with his comrades at the Saratov Industrial Technical School.
In addition to rare artifacts, we have prepared models and reconstructions, thanks to which you can feel the time of space victories. Will be presented:

Reconstruction of the dugout in which the Gagarin family lived all the time of the occupation (when the seven-year-old Yura went to the first class, the war began. The fascists entered the village of Klushino and drove the Gagarin family out of the house. His father dug a dugout overnight).
The model of the ejection seat of the Vostok spacecraft, in which Yuri Gagarin made the world's first flight into space and returned safely to Earth, and other exhibits.
In addition to the things of Yuri Gagarin, the exhibition will feature artifacts dedicated to the preparation for the first flight into space. One of the central exhibits will be the book "Rocket Flight in the Stratosphere" by Sergei Pavlovich Korolev, published in 1934, the year of the future cosmonaut's birth.

Preparation for the project was conducted for more than two years. More than 30 partners from all over the country take part in the project: large and small museums of Russia, archives and enterprises of the rocket and space industry. Members of Yuri Gagarin's family also helped to collect the artifacts, most of them never leaving their place of permanent residence. For the first time, a single exhibition will feature such a large number of authentic exhibits related to the memory of the first cosmonaut.