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The first 2019 people will be admitted free to the Russia is My History Park

This offer began on 24 December at 2 pm and will last as long as the free tickets are available. Also, visitors under 18 will be admitted free during the winter holidays.

The Russia is My History historical park will offer free tickets to the first 2019 visitors to the renovated exposition. Pavilion No 57 at VDNKh will reopen on 24 December at 2 pm.

“The ‘Be among the first 2019 visitors’ offer starts today, when the park opens, and will last until the free tickets run out. Also, free admission during the winter holidays will be offered to visitors under 18. Visitors will enjoy the expositions, including Russia is My History: 1945–2017. We combined it with the previous exhibition dedicated to the years 1917-1945, and now all the events of the 20th century are presented is a panoramic view. We have prepared a lot of attractive, and most importantly, unusual innovations that will help visitors of different ages find out amazing details of the country’s history,” said Ivan Yesin, director of Russia is My History historical park.

The restoration project was carried out over six months by the Foundation for Humanitarian Projects with sponsorship from the Patriarchal Council for Culture and support from the Moscow Government. The interior and the composition of the pavilion’ expositions has completely changed. Among the main changes are zones that have combined a quest game, an interactive attraction and an educational space. The total area is 500 square metres.

Rowboat, historical Instagram and much more

The Rowboat interactive game will allow visitors to travel along the famous path “from the Varangians to the Greeks.” The attraction is equipped with dozens of sensors and sophisticated audiovisual equipment. Visitors may find themselves in the centre of a six-point storm; they might feel waves, hear thunder and see lightning flashes. Participants will have to navigate using oars or pull it by rope from the riverbank.

The Historical Instagram hall will house an exhibition of famous historical canvases resembling a social network. Visitors will be able ‘like’ plots or their pictorial execution. Next door is the multimedia family tree of the Romanovs; the animated portraits will make the monarchs come to life. Here visitors can learn more about the activities of the rulers by answering a series of questions online. They can choose from several themes, such as Illuminators, Warlords, or Reformers.

The Hall of a Thousand Secrets will present the history of the Moscow Kremlin from wood to stone. Participants will go through a quest game in a labyrinth of the Kremlin walls and witness events that left their mark on the history of the main Russian fortress. Any item, whether an ax stuck in the wall or an out of place brick, can be an important hint in the quest. Players will be able to try out the role of ancient Russian master with a saw and a winch, or walk around the city surrounded by unusual street sounds of that era.

In the Boyars and Peasants game room, almost all the exhibits are interactive. Visitors will see the differences between the life of a peasant and the lives of the boyar families, including their daily diets, and they’ll be taught to set the dinner table properly, find paired items and make them speak.

Russia is My History project

The Russia is My History project is the largest exhibition complex in Russia. Its sites are located in 19 cities in the country. They are created by historians, artists, filmmakers, designers, and computer graphics specialists.

This historical park at VDNKh opened in 2015. Pavilion No 57 was renovated especially for this. Architects completely replaced the front windows, updated the utilities, and carried out a number of other restorations and upgrades. The pavilion’s area increased to 27,786 square metres.

Public opinion on the improvement of exposition improvements was considered. In addition to new interactive attractions and quest games, the designers also conducted global research and collected new archival photo and video materials.

The new project exposition, Russia is My History: 1945–2017, is devoted to events of the most recent decades. The Interesting Facts section was refurbished with 200 references on this period. There are new interactive media, such as multimedia books. They talk about labour and military exploits during the Great Patriotic War.

The Russia is My History historical park will be open from 10 am to 9 pm every day, except Monday.