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“VERUM Tourism” successfully works in the international tourist market for more than 22 years as tour operator of business and sightseeing trips to Russia

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Tartuffe, Or The Impostor

Tartuffe has long become a common name. But, alas, the "Tartuffes" flourish to this day - in politics, culture, religion. As a rule, these are outstanding hoaxers who deftly impose on others a way of life, thinking that is convenient for them. «It’s highly difficult to maintain an independent perception of life,» says Vladimir Dragunov, director of the production. - «This is a long and difficult path to honesty that one has to follow to be regarded as a conscious person rather than a pawn in the hands of yet another Tartuffe.

And, moreover, you should not glorify people, no matter how attractive they may seem to you. This is what our production is about.»