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Salvador Dali & Pablo Picasso

The Bauman Garden with the support of the Moscow Department of Culture offers to get acquainted with the works of some of the most incredible artists of the XX century. At the exhibition of Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso-canvases with famous subjects and other paintings.

  The festival of Spanish culture opens in the Travel Palace of Basil III. The project successfully travels to different parts of the world, including many cities of Russia, introducing the audience to the work of two outstanding surrealists of the XX century. What did the two geniuses think about women, great creators, contemporaries, and their native country? 
The exhibition will provide an opportunity to compare the worldview of artists and look at their surroundings through their eyes.

Among the exhibits are famous paintings on Cubist and Dalinian subjects, ceramic sculptures by Pablo Picasso, which reflect his creative search, as well as little-known, but no less amazing graphics by Salvador Dali. The tour will end with a video about the collection, which will reveal interesting details of the creation of works and the emergence of popular stories of the two masters.