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People’s Friendship fountain at VDNKh, musical bowl fountain at Gorky Park and others to receive facelift by next spring

Moscow will repair four large fountains serviced by the infrastructure maintenance authority Gormost. In particular, the effort will cover the famous bronze statues of the People’s Friendship fountain at VDNKh.

A comprehensive renovation plan that will see four large fountains receive repairs will be concluded in Moscow by next spring. The fountains will include People’s Friendship and Stone Flower, symbols of the National Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNKh), the singing fountain at Gorky Park, and the 15-bowl cascade at Park Pobedy on Poklonnaya Hill. The renovation has begun.

In addition, a new 200-square metre dry musical fountain will be finished next spring at Svyatoslav Fyodorov Park in northern Moscow. The installation was completed in September and the fountain is now subject to pre-launch testing and fine-tuning. Under the project, images will be projected on water jets that will rise higher or lower depending on the rhythm and tempo of the music. The maximum jet height is set at 3 metres.

Utility lines are being replaced under the fountains with new pipes and more powerful pumps are being installed. New lighting is in the works with dozens of lamps to be placed underwater.

Fifteen fountain bowls will be repaired on the main valley of Park Pobedy on Poklonnaya Hill. They will be cast in concrete, finished with granite and covered with a special waterproof solution on the inside. Underwater lamps will be replaced to shed red light on the jets at night.

A similar operation is planned for the dancing fountain close to the main entrance of Gorky Park. Underwater lamps, however, are to be of different colours. In addition, new speaker boxes will be installed near the fountain ball, and electric cables are to be replaced. The repair projects on all four fountains are to be completed in April.

There are nearly 600 fountains, basins and water devices in Moscow. The 69 major fountains in Moscow’s parks and squares are all serviced by Gormost. All of the fountains were shut down and mothballed for the winter on 1 October.

People’s Friendship fountain at VDNKh, musical bowl fountain at Gorky Park and others to receive facelift by next spring