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Music of Sviridov

Artistic Director and Conductor – Timofey Golberg
Soloists: Andrey Korobeinikov (piano) and Elena Ilyina (piano)

In the biography of the Moscow Academic Chamber Choir, renamed “Minin Choir” in honor of its founder and artistic director, the outstanding choral conductor Vladimir Minin, the music of G. V. Sviridov occupies a central place. The composer trusted the collective to perform the first performance of many of his compositions. The choir's repertoire includes the cycles “A Pushkin's Wreath”, the cantata “Night Clouds”, “Kursk Songs” ...

“A Pushkin's Wreath” (1979) is named by the composer as a Concerto for Choir. It is a collection of pictures of states, impressions, thoughts, which, joining, contrast and complement each other. Sviridov selected Pushkin's poems of different years – from youth to late. “While composing music, I did not want to stylize it for the Pushkin era, ... I also did not try to 'modernize' Pushkin ... but tried only to follow him, to his unattainable height, as far as my strength would be,” wrote Georgy Vasilyevich.

Sviridov first turned to the songs of his native Kursk region in the early 1960s. On June 13, 1964, his cantata “Kursk Songs” was performed for the first time in the Great Hall of the Conservatory. And in 1990, the composer created the cycle “Three ancient songs of the Kursk province” for the choir, accompanied by piano and percussion.

 The second part of the concert will feature Musical Illusions to Pushkin's story “Snowstorm”. The orchestral suite will be performed in an unusual arrangement for a choir, two pianos and percussion instruments.