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Multimedia show "GAGARIN NIGHT"

Фото афиши Мультимедийное шоу "ГАГАРИН NIGHT"Only on April 12, the exclusive multimedia show "GAGARIN NIGHT" at the St. Petersburg Planetarium. Don't miss the most cosmic night of the year!

Guests of the event will enjoy a great combination of stunning music, mesmerizing starry sky and video art project COSMODREAMS by contemporary Russian artist Marina Fedorova.

The culmination of the festive evening will be a performance under the starry dome of the famous band "BIS-QUIT BAND". The best crossover band at the NCA MUSIC AWARDS will perform their own cover versions of world hits from Billie Eilish, Sting, Nirvana, Prodigy and Michael Jackson to Bach, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and the Russian "Kalinka". Each number of the group will become a real show performance, in which great musical hits will sound in a completely new, multi-format sound.

Only on the Cosmonautics Day, guests of the evening will be able to admire the starry sky of Baikonur, as Yuri Gagarin saw it during the launch of the Vostok-1 spacecraft. The projection of the starry sky will be carried out by a unique optical-mechanical device "Planetarium" of the company Carl Zeiss, located in the center of the Star Hall.

A collaboration of music, contemporary art and stunning video installations of the vast cosmos under the huge dome of the Planetarium will give you truly unforgettable emotions and impressions.