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Moskva River cable car: No charge for a month

The Moskva River cable car that was unveiled on 27 November will not be charging passengers anything for almost a full month, up until the 24 December. This was a joint decision made by Sergei Sobyanin and investors. Daily opening hours: Noon to 8 pm.

The cable car connects the Luzhniki Olympic Complex with Vorobyovy Gory and Kosygina Street. Now it will only take five minutes to cover this route, whereas before it could take up to 20 minutes by car.

The route has three stations: Vorobyovy Gory located on Kosygina Street near the observation point (this is where the ski slope will be in the winter) Novaya Liga located on Vorobyovskaya Embankment and Luzhniki on Luzhnetskaya Embankment, near the stadium.

There are 35 covered gondolas with eight seats each. They have media screens, LED lighting and bicycle, ski and snowboard racks. Passengers will also be able to use audio guides in four languages (English, Chinese, German and Russian). The cable car can carry up to 1,600 passengers per hour.

There are also 10 additional chairlifts for athletes. They will run between Vorobyovskaya Embankment and the observation point.

The new cable car project was initiated in January 2017. Construction began in May 2017 and has just been completed this November.

Moskva River cable car: No charge for a month