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Moscow Seasons at global level: Moscow wins international festival award

Moscow has won a prestigious World Festival and Event City Award as one of the best cities to hold festivals and mass events. The award ceremony was held as part of the 63rd IFEA annual congress and exhibition (The International Festival and Event Association) in San Diego.

“We have been experimenting with various formats when it comes to organising gastronomic festivals, all kinds of contests and charity events, and we’ve also been using some new improved urban areas. To put it in a nutshell, we are really speeding ahead. We are pleased to know that both visitors and representatives of the international professional community praise the Moscow Seasons festival,” said Natalya Sergunina, Deputy Moscow Mayor and Head of the Mayor and Moscow Government Executive Office.

She said that the history of the Moscow Seasons had begun back in the winter of 2012, at the Strasbourg Fair. The festival was attended by about 600,000. “In 2017, we held over 60 city street events attended by 62 million people in Moscow and tourists,” Natalya Sergunina added.

The prize is awarded to cities with a population of less than one million and more than one million. This year, eight cities besides Moscow won awards: Winnipeg and Ottawa (Canada), Gold Coast, Sydney and Coffs Harbour (Australia), Boryeong-si (South Korea), Taichung City (Taiwan) and Philadelphia (the US).

The cities that create favourable conditions for holding successful festivals and mass events should serve as an example for the entire world, according to IFEA President and CEO Steven Wood Schmader. “The role cities and mass events play in uniting countries cannot be overestimated. I congratulate Moscow and all those involved in the Moscow Seasons that went to so much trouble to show off their very best,” his message of congratulations says. “We hope the award will help you see the successful efforts that members of your communities have taken and are taking and continue to improve your infrastructure, policy and other processes that will further upgrade the life in your city.”

The World Festival and Event City Award was established in 2010. Over the years, to mention just a handful of places, it has been awarded to London (UK), Edinburgh (UK), Boston (US), San Paolo (Brazil), Dubai (the UAE), Nice (France), Rotterdam (the Netherlands), Reykjavik (Iceland) and Johannesburg (South Africa).

When assessing cities, international experts look at the city government support level for festivals, the diversity and success of events, participation of charity and volunteer organisations, the necessary infrastructure as well as the role played by the city to generally try and portray a positive image.

The Moscow Seasons comply with these criteria. The series of city street events has united the best festivals and celebrations: Russia Day and City Day, Journey to Christmas – the largest winter festival in Europe, international contests such as the Moscow Spring a Cappella and the Flower Jam, Golden Autumn and Fish Week gastronomic events, the Easter Gift charity festival, Times and Epochs historical festival plus other massive events.