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Moscow parks to join EuroBirdwatch for the first time

The EuroBirdwatch event will take place in Moscow nature areas on 6-7 October. All are invited to participate and help Mospriroda specialists.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the EuroBirdwatch. On the first weekend of October, residents of Europe and Central Asia will flock to nature areas to watch birds take flight and to count their number and species. The primary goal is to reveal the dangers of migration, its routes and difficulties associated with the winter season.

This year, Moscow parks will join the campaign for the first time. The count is conducted in autumn when birds set off for their wintering sites.

How to take part

EuroBirdwatch is open to both individuals and groups, for example, families or school classes.

Participants can organise a preliminary meeting dedicated to migratory birds prior to the event. To make identifying species and recording information more convenient, Moscow Region species checklists will be available.

At the end of the count, the group leader will summarise the data, fill in the form and submit it via email by noon on 7 October with the note EuroBirdwatch. The contact information, form and checklist are available on the website of the Moscow Department for Environmental Management and Protection.

Photos of the filled-out questionnaires will not be accepted as they are difficult to process.

Volunteers, students at Moscow City University’s Institute of Natural Sciences and Sports Technologies, will help tally up the information. They will submit the processed data to the Birds and People partnership, Russia’s event coordinator, and to the coordination centre in Luxembourg.

The event will start at 7 am on 6 October and end at noon on 7 October.

Moscow parks to join EuroBirdwatch for the first time