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Matthew Brandt. Orphic Forest

   Brandt’s artistic approach is exceptional in that his oeuvre escapes a definitive movement. Through engaging in photography, sculpture, metal work as well as woodcuts in his own notable way, Brandt has carved a niche within the contemporary art scene.
   Erarta, however will focus mainly on Brandt’s elegant Silver series, which are large scale images of trees made from metal and silver. The series to be shown in Erarta will be one of a kind, as the project was specially commissioned by the museum to be later added to its permanent collection. An immersive forest-esque space is to be created, inviting the viewer to wonder amongst an orphic forest and come in close contact with these remarkable works. The trees featured are local, as the artist especially travelled to Russia in order to extensively journey around the forests near St. Petersburg in order to re-create an authentic Russian walk through the woods in accordance with his own artistic imagination.

                Matthew Brandt. Orphic Forest