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Learn to care for flowers and grow a shady garden: Zaryadye Park to host landscape design festival

Gardening fans are welcome to visit an unusual #ПокаЛето (Goodbye, Summer) festival running in Zaryadye Park on 24 and 25 August. Learn to make a flower garden, a decorative garden or make a decor from recycled materials on your countryside grounds without inviting professionals.

Zaryadye Park welcomes those who love flowers to attend lectures, workshops, concerts and en plein air painting sessions. On 24 and 25 August, #ПокаЛетo landscape design and gardening festival is to be held. Anyone may learn to care for garden plants, draw pastel still lifes with flowers and fruit, as well as park landscapes. Dance to Cuban music, try unusual varieties of apples and rosebay tea with different flavours.

Unique apple varieties and tea ceremony

More than 200 kilograms of apples of different varieties not usually grown in industrial-scale amounts are to be brought to Zaryadye, Including such unique varieties as 'People's Apples', 'Young Naturalist', 'Lungwort', 'Autumn Joy', 'Jubilee Apples of Biology Department' (variety of selection by Biology Department, Moscow State University) and 'Tikhomirov's Commemoration'. Park guests will be treated to apples during the festival in the meadow next to the Large Amphitheatre. During the sampling, plant breeders will share the secrets of cultivation. You will learn what can affect fruit's taste and colour, what determines the yield of a tree and much more. In the same meadow, guests will enjoy rosebay tea with different flavours. It will be brewed in samovars with thyme, fruit and berries, black and green tea.

Tea ceremony masters will tell about the rules of this hot drink’s brewing, as well as what secret ingredients add to its unique taste and flavour.

Designer's flowerbeds and outdoor en plein air painting sessions

All those who want to learn more about landscape design and arrange summer-house grounds on their own are invited on 24 and 25 August to attend a lecture hall of Preserved Embassy Pavilion. From 01:30 pm till 05:30 pm, you will learn to make hay ottomans and chairs for your summer house, about flowers to choose for a shady garden and why it is especially important to care for coniferous trees. Guests will learn know-hows of creating a designer flowerbed of perennial plants to enjoy throughout the season.

12:00 pm till 07:00 pm, the meadow next to the big amphitheatre will host workshops to create wreaths, bouquets and boutonnieres of late summer flowers and birch bark, as well as offer an art master class on painting landscapes of Zaryadye Park.

Daily, big Park meadow is to host en plein air painting sessions. Its participants will be offered to practice pastel drawing of Zaryadye flowers. One session can be visited by up to 100 people. Drawing lesson starts at 12:00 pm. Registration is not required.

On 25 August, from 01:30 pm till 03:00 pm, children will have a free tour of the Florarium greenhouse. They will learn about plants that do not need water and soil. Children will discover the unique Florarium's system on the example of bananas, strawberries, mint, coffee and dragon fruit (edible cactus fruit), which receive water and nutrients through a special installation. Experts will demonstrate how they daily care for and monitor healthy condition of plants.

In the evenings, from 05:30 pm till 07:45 pm, musicians will perform on the big amphitheatre's stage. Over a thousand people will be able to attend the concert. Here you will hear energetic Latin music, as well as modern popular tunes.

Throughout summer, Zaryadye Park offers free dance classes on the big amphitheatre's stage. Until 31 August, you still have time to learn to dance boogie-woogie and acrobatic rock'n'roll under the guidance of honoured masters of sports of Russia.

Learn to care for flowers and grow a shady garden: Zaryadye Park to host landscape design festival