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Cyclicity is a key word that emphasizes that nothing ends, but begins again, continuing an endless movement in a circle. Therefore, the exhibition space is divided into four zones, corresponding to spring, summer, autumn and winter. Vast distances, forests stretching far beyond the horizon, a river or lake, freshly plowed land, birch in the foreground - everything that is so dear to the Russian soul.The ceramics presented at the exhibition is interesting for the modern approach of the authors of the works to the creation of the form and painting of the works. Artists refuse to follow the traditional techniques of folk crafts. The composition "Indian Summer" by the ceramist Natalia Savinova amazes the viewer at first sight. Each piece of the group represents a single form in the form of two identical vases connected vertically together - a plot scene and its reflection. The compositional idea of ​​reflection is emphasized by both form and painting. The graphics and painting presented at the exhibition by the works of Georgy Nyssa, Stanislav Nikireev, May Miturich, Nikolai Voronkov and other famous artists, on the contrary, are traditional both in composition and in technique of execution: color and black-and-white engraving, etching and pastel drawing.
               Фото «Выставка «Образы России»»  Фото «Выставка «Образы России»»  Фото «Выставка «Образы России»»