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Ice Sculpture Festival In The Peter And Paul Fortress Until February 3, 2019

A fairy tale embodied in ice figures is the best feature of the Ice Fantasy festival, which is held annually on the beach of the Peter and Paul fortress and becomes a place of pilgrimage for St Petersburg citizens and tourists, especially during the New Year holidays. This time the theme sounds very promising «Journey around the World».

All figures of the Ice Fantasy festival are shown on the beach next to Naryshkin Bastion in a huge fridge tent, which maintains below-freezing temperature, therefore, strong wind, temperatures above zero degrees or rain neither hurt the ice figures not disturb visitors.

An interesting fact: the total weight of all figures is 170 tonnes.

The theme «Journey around the World» implies that you will see the most interesting pieces in terms of architecture, wildlife, and geography of all six continents, including:
— the statue of Liberty in the USA;
— reindeer;
— underwater world of Australia;
— jungles of South America;
— ice expanses of Antarctica (in general, ice, which depicts … ice);
— famous pyramids and statues of pharaohs in Egypt;
— gondoliers of Venice;
— native American totems;
— penguins from the South Pole;
— Anaconda from the Amazon.

The central and most notable figure of the festival is the eight-metre high «Scarlet Sails» sailboat (see the cover picture).

You’ll also find there symbols of the new year of 2019.

Venue: Peter and Paul fortress, the beach near Naryshkin Bastion, the nearest subway station is Gorkovskaya.
Dates: until February 3, 2019
Opening hours: from 10:00 to 22:00, daily

Ice Sculpture Festival In The Peter And Paul Fortress Until February 3, 2019