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From Zaryadye Park straight into the Hermitage: Virtual tours of the world famous museum

From 18 October to 16 November daily, visitors to the Media Centre pavilion will be able to take interactive tours of Palace Square and the Hermitage and get onto the roof of the Winter Palace that houses the museum.

Zaryadye Park is kicking off the new multimedia historical project “Hermitage: Virtual Immersion in Time and Space.” From 18 October to 16 November daily, the Media Centre pavilion will run a 360-degree VR short-length film on the history of the world’s largest museum.

Actor Konstantin Khabensky will be the virtual guide around the museum complex. He will show excursion takers around Palace Square, old museum rooms and the Hanging Garden with fruit trees, sculptures and a fountain.

The tour lasts 19 minutes. Each showing can accommodate up to 15 people. They will be seated in comfortable swivel chairs wearing virtual reality goggles and headsets handed out by the museum staff. Screening times will be from 10 am to 8 pm on Tuesdays-Sundays and from 2 pm to 8 pm on Mondays.

The Media Centre’s multimedia complexes, the Soaring Theatre and the Time Machine, have already seen over 350,000 visitors in one year of service. These unique VR amusements with various special effects have been among the park’s most popular attractions. Within just eight minutes, the Soaring Theatre provides an exhilarating view of more than 20 iconic sites in Moscow from unusual vantage points. The 360-degree panorama screen in the Time Machine carries you on a journey through different eras – from the Moscow of ancient times to the present, including the changes to Zaryadye Park territory over time. Tickets are available on the spot as well as on the park’s official website.

The State Hermitage is the country’s largest historical and cultural museum. It occupies six historical buildings, the main one of which is the Winter Palace. The museum’s current collection includes nearly 3 million works of art and world culture artefacts, including paintings, graphics, sculptures, items of decorative and applied art and archaeological finds.

From Zaryadye Park straight into the Hermitage: Virtual tours of the world famous museum