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"Five Evenings" Theatre Festival Opening

Today, on February 5, the XV international festival ‘Five Evenings’ of Alexander Volodin starts in St. Petersburg.

The festival will last until February 11, and everyone will be able to attend ‘Factorial’, ‘Tears drop’, ‘Two arrows’ and ‘Thaw’ performances, and ‘Older sister’, 'Magician’, ‘Autumn Marathon’ and other movies. The total programme includes 10 performances, 11 movie screenings and 3 lectures.

The “Five Evenings” festival, dedicated to the remarkable playwright Alexander Volodin, occupies a special place among theater festivals. It was first held in 2004 and immediately became a favorite of the viewers for its atmosphere of informal and sincere communication. In the upcoming festival theater groups from different parts of Russia will present the best modern productions of Alexander Volodin’s plays.In 2019, the festival is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Volodin. In the program: performances, creative meetings, film screenings and readings of plays.

"Five Evenings" Theatre Festival Opening