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Exhibition dedicated to Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov

   The exhibition returns to the years of perestroika. It is based on the materials of a sociological survey conducted in 1991. How did A.D. Sakharov's contemporaries, what qualities, actions, articles and speeches were considered important for eyewitnesses of the era. With whom did the contemporaries compare the personality of A.D. Sakharov.
   The exhibition presents books, periodicals, articles from newspapers, photographs. Of great interest to visitors are the results of the sociological research presented in the publication “Man and Legend: the Image of A.D. Sakharov in public opinion: All-Union poll by VTsIOM. March 1991 ", rare editions of the perestroika era, preserved in a few collections, including the funds of the State Library for Library of Russia.
       САХАРОВ, АНДРЕЙ ДМИТРИЕВИЧ | Энциклопедия Кругосвет