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Edvard Munch. The Scream of art

Edvard Munch-the prophet of the XX century, an artist without whom expressionism is unthinkable. Reproductions of the master's works, made in the giclee technique.
Norwegian Edvard Munch was a man with a complex contradictory character, poor health and a great sensitivity to the weather. This was reflected in his art-passionate, nervous, opposing the soft southern impressionism. The canonical works of the master are included in the large cycle "Frieze of Life". In these works — tragedy, anguish, doom, tormenting the soul of premonition.

They are characterized by contrasting colors, sharp shapes, and a hard rhythmic composition. Munch's most famous painting, The Scream, has been seen even by those who are far from art: this image is actively used in film, design, advertising, and other fields. A harbinger of the terrible events of the XX century, the " Scream" is subconsciously understandable to everyone. By the way, the artist has repeatedly repeated this work, and some variants can be found at the exhibition. Several "Screams", as well as other works of the master are recreated on canvas using the giclee technique.
Digital art reproduction allows you to accurately reproduce the smallest details of the original, down to the texture of the brushstroke and craquelures. Each picture is accompanied by a description.