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Don Quixote

Monsters, chimeras and dragons come alive in a puppet poem about the adventures of the knight Don Quixote.
And only the image of the Beautiful Lady will stay just a dream of the funny eccentric, tilting at windmills …
A poor nobleman Don Quixote, old and lonely eccentric, having read old chivalric romance, imagined himself…a knight errant. Putting a basin on his head instead of a helmet and arming himself with rusty sword and shield, he takes a peasant named Sancho Panza as his squire. He chooses, according knight custom, his “ladylove” – Dulcinea del Toboso – a peasant woman Aldonza.

Mounting his horse, a skinny nag Rocinante, he takes a road to perform exploits in the name of his “ladylove”. He doesn’t want to make a difference between reality and fantasy, Don Quixote plays ridiculous and pathetic role: tilting at windmills, mistaking them for giants; wanting to protect the offended, he set free the prisoners. Sancho Panza named his beaten, bruised master – “Knight of the Rueful Countenance”. But without getting involved in a fight with the giants, how you will be able to understand what actually is mill …