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Claude Monet. The genius of Impressionism

Claude Monet brought light and air to painting, and his artistic principles gave rise to impressionism. You can see the works of the master at the exhibition in the Bauman Garden.

Claude Monet is rightly called one of the greatest artists of the late XIX century. He went a long way from persecution and ridicule to admiration and worldwide recognition, laid a new direction in painting and became an example for dozens of followers. The main subjects of Monet's works were light and air.

The master was interested in nuances and semitones, so he painted the same object at different times of the day.
The  exhibition in the Bauman Garden presents 80 paintings in the "giclee" technique. These are reproductions of the highest quality, which accurately convey the color, texture, character of the strokes and even traces of time. Each work is accompanied by a description.

For visitors, guided tours in mini-groups are organized by appointment. In memory of the exhibition, you can buy something in the souvenir shop. Within the framework of the exhibition, events are regularly held: lectures on painting, art workshops, thematic excursions.